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courtesy: Associated Press - Reuters - ANP
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Courtesy Associated Press - Reuters - ANP
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Bert is Evil !

Ernie dumped by Bert?
Is it going to be Bert and Bin?

The mystery of the Bert-bin Laden connection evolves whith more images coming in every day. Is this a big hoax? Has somebody got too much time? Or is somebody in Bangladesh trying to confuse the world? Or is the answer to be found at Reuters?
Fact is that more and more photo's of pro-taliban demonstrations show up around the world. Posters carried by demonstrators clearly show Bert with Osama Bin Laden. It's Reuters that are selling these Bert photos, while Assosiated Press (AP) have photos of the same poster whithout Bert. This could imply that Reuters have been set up whith manipulated images, but it could be the other way around ?

The poster was most likely thrown together blindly by someone with images nicked from the web, including the doctored osama/bert photo! Whoever did this either had absolutely no idea who bert was, or had an evil sense of humor.

The first known Bert-bin Laden posters appeared on Oct. 5 in Dhaka, and photographs of them were printed by the Dutch news service Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau and the Associated Press and Reuters news services. At least one other photograph including the posters was taken by Reuters photographer Rafiqur Rahman in Jakarta on Oct. 9. The posters recently could be seen at demonstrations in Bangladesh, Indonesia and even Palestina.

Reuters spokeswoman Felicia Cosby said the photos were authentic. The original doctored image of Bert and Usama bin Laden. "We've just noticed it ourselves, since you queried, that there is Bert on that poster," she said. "I don't know if they're mass-producing these posters, but what I can say is that it is definitely our policy not to doctor photographs."

Associated Press spokesman Jack Stokes said the AP photographs were also untouched. "We haven't changed the photo at all," he said. "We have very strict editing guidelines."

A spokesman from the official Bert is portal, who wants to stay anonymous because of possible repercussions from the Al Quada Network, says 'they distributed the image of Bert and Bin on purpose on the internet, hoping for stupid mistakes like this'. Well, that worked out just fine!

In the meantime also the old story that Osama Bin Laden is in fact a workless Puerto Rican actor manipulated by Bert, is re-appearing on the net. Full story here.

Question remains; has Bert really become evil or has Osama Bin Laden become a muppet?

The Taliban could not be reached for comment.

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