Roberto Gonzales with family

Gonzales and Osama - scary simmilarity

Bin Laden

Bert is Evil!

Bin Laden in fact a workless Puerto Rican actor?

Years ago anonymous reports came out that osama bin laden is in fact an Puerto Rican actor manipulated by Bert in his current role as a terrorist.
A single newsgroup post in 1999 argued the photo proved Osama bin Laden was actually a Puerto Rican actor named Ricardo Gonzalez, who he claimed he remembered seeing in a PBS special titled "The Sesame Street Caper - Ernie's Missing." His theory was that the actor was a small-time religious charlatan -- "The guy pulls all kinds of scams". We even found a picture of Gonzalez in the archives of a Puerto Rican tv-channel (see left).

A spokeswoman of the channel said they gave him a role in the Puerto Rican version of the well known comedy "Taxi", but he was fired after one episode because he had no drivers licence and crashed the cab in the decor immediatly at his first ride.
Roberto moved to Afghanistan in the 90's where he might have become a protégee of Bert, who just came back from Iran, where he had met Khomeiny. Evidence of that can be found here.

We don't know if all of this is true but we found a scary similarity between Bin Laden and Gonzales (see left). At least this can be helpfull for the people who try to track is wherabouts, this is what he might look like without the beard.


Roberto Gonzalez as Louis (Louie) on the set of the Puerto Rican version of Taxi