Bert is Evil!

Bad Time at the Movies

While at a local Theater setting up my Camcorder to make a bootleg copy of the Movie I happened to notice a Gang of Muppets from Sesame Street (including Bert). Not being one to miss an opportunity like this, I turned the camera towards them and grabbed these shots of Bert.
The Top picture shows Bert & Elmo in a heated argument over some popcorn Bert had (what he claims) accidentally knocked on the floor.
The Middle picture happened right after Elmo walked away. As Elmo was walking away his arm hit Bert's nose and it flew off and an unknown Muppet placed it on his face. Ernie quickly grabbed it and gave it to Bert.
And last pictures shows Bert's vision of the screen being blocked by Big Birds large head.
It was at that point when an Usher caught me with the Camera and as I was being kicked out Bert punched B.B in the head, so weather or not Bert & B.B got in a fight is unknown.