Bert is Evil!

The Worlds Best Kept Secret

For hundreds of years we have been led to believe that it was the crafty Serpent (as stated in Genesis) who deceived Eve into eating the apple from the Tree of Good and Evil.
2 days ago I received a Poster Tube in the mail with a Color Photocopy of the Picture to the left and an Anonymous Letter which read:
"2 weeks ago a rare one-of-a-kind Painting was stolen from a Vault in the Vatican. No reports have been filed and no one outside of a small circle of People in the Vatican know about the Painting cause it will "Tare the world apart!". Share the Painting with the World though your page! The truth must be told!"
Has all that we have been taught a total lie? Is the Church trying to cover-up the truth about how we "came to be"? Is Bert More EVIL then anyone could have Ever Imagined!?! We might never find the truth but, you can't at least give that Painting a second thought.