Bert is Evil!

Eyes Wide Shut

On Sunday, March 7, Stanley Kubrick (One of the greatest filmmakers who ever lived) died. This coming only days after the first screening of the Final cut of (what is now his final film) Eyes Wide Shut. It is rumored that Bert was part of the cast and in one scene he engages in sexual activity with Tom Cruise. Apparently despite many threats, Kubrick kept the scene in his final cut of the film.
The autopsy report of Kubrick, reports that he had died of Natural causes, but it is believed he died because of Berts unrelenting threats caused by the scenes inclusion. The threats may have caused eccess stress and fear for his life that may have contributed to his early demise. This might also be a reason why Kubricks Family has not released an official cause of death. It is unknown weather Warner Bros. Executives will include the scene when the film is released in July, but even if it doesn't, the proof of Berts involvement in the film is undeniable due to the picture to the left showing Bert and Stanley taking a walk through the set.