Bert is Evil!

Bert The Ripper?

Between August 31 and November 9, 1888 London England was terrorized by the infamous Jack the Ripper (For those who don't know, Jack the Ripper was a serial killer who brutally murdered and mutilated the bodies of 5 prostitutes in the short span of 3 months and was never caught. In fact his identity and motive are still unknown to this day.). During the investigation of these ghastly murders Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the London Metro Police, identified three principal suspects. All were men and all were known to be insane. Unfortunately the police had failed to prove that any of them men had committed the murders.
The top picture to your left is actually a newly discovered photo taken by the police of one of the suspects arrested. Needless to say it the character in the photo does have a strong resemblance to Bert. Unfortunately it is unknown whether this man is in fact Bert himself or a relative.
The fact that this photo is very old and dilapidated is some of the many factors, which may help critics, dispute the validity of the photo. Fortunately a second newly discovered photo (the bottom one to your left) has been uncovered. This photo was taken at the location of the fifth, and final, murder and just may be the hard evidence of what we all suspect. This photo is of the bed where Mary Jane Kelly (the final victim) laid, towards the table near the window where the murderer had placed her abdomen and thighs. Indicated by the arrow is an engraving, which appears to read "B & E", carved into the wood. Investigation proved them to be made by the killer. Whether the "B & E" means Bert & Ernie or holds some other sinister meaning is anyone's guess and will probably never be known?