Bert is Evil!

Bad influence!!! part 3

This picture was smuggled out of the S.S.P.D. It's of Ernie after one of his numerous arrest in early to mid '95. Ernie, in an apparent jealous rage, killed all of Bert’s pigeons. He then went down to Mr. Hooper’s Market and attempted to sell them to Mr. Hooper as Capon Chickens. Mr. Hooper ,already under investigation for selling dog meat in place of pork,
declined Ernie’s offer. Authorities suspect Ernie later took his revenge: Mr. Hooper was mugged and sexually assaulted on his way home that same evening. When questioned by police, all Mr. Hooper could remember is a sharp blow to his head and then seeing a short guy with crazy hair wearing a striped shirt. He remembers being sodomizied, all the while his attacker was yelling, "Let's see you not take this meat, bitch!" To this date Ernie, has not been charged with this crime, however he does remain the main suspect.
Later that same evening when Bert returned home from his date with Grover, he went to check on his pigeons and found them missing. Bert, upset over the disappearance of his beloved pigeons, went to confront Ernie. Details on what happened next are sketchy at best but, the police were called to respond to reports of a loud ruckus at Ernie and Berts apartment. When they arrived they found the apartment in shambles and Bert huddled behind the toilet rocking back and forth all the while mumbling "I don't have any pigeons, I 've never had any pigeons." Closer examination by the Sesame Street Paramedics revealed Bert had been brutally beaten with a paper clip pimpstick. Ernie was promptly arrested.