Bert is Evil!

Bert Senna?

Bert's love for fast cars was always a public secret but lately the Sesame Street Gang got a bit too careless. During their weekly joy-ride parties (Sesame Street members aren't allowed to drive) they wrecked numerous expensive cars. Even a couple of Ferrari's had to endure Bert's flagrant abuse.

'I don't give a f*** about those cars' Bert told us later on. 'My insurance will cover the costs.' Wich, we later found out, he hadn't.

When asked how he got hold of the different cars for their joy-riding Bert told us to 'get the hell out of here before he'd turn us into roadkill sandwiches'. Deffenitely our cue to move along.

As Sesame Street and Muppet Show CEO (being a CEO, Kermit is the exception to the rule of Muppets not being allowed to drive), Kermit could not stay behind when he heard the news of his former gang. Totally fixated on wrecking cars he tried to put his Porsche on the endangered spiecies list. The damage however was minor. He got away with a ticket for drunk driving.

*thanx to Nicholas Cryder