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Bert is Evil!

football hooligan

This is the first time that we see that Bert has shown a bit of intrest in sports. However his could be doubtfull if you take a better look at these pictures.

Boozing and rioting with the hardcore supporters from Real Sporting de Gijon are more distinct features of Bert's psyche.

We suspect that Bert has more to do with international hooliganism. This could be only an omen wath has to come in Japan and Korea during the World Championship matches.

* thanx to Alex Abadíe from Spain


Bert was in the Spanish news again lately. After being banned by the officials, some die hard Gijon fans managed to get Bert inside the stadium. Unfortunately Bert had to fight of some security guards and broke his nose. Rumours go that Bert is seeing the same palstic surgeon as Michael Jackson to fix his nose.