images by Si and Jono

Bert is Evil!

Bert's Korn Connection

That Bert has a creative background is something that not everybody knows. This report shows that he not only has musical skills but also has a good feeling what goes on in the music industry.

'This is an original Korn Album cover before it was released with a slightly different picture.
It not only explains why Korn is so sadistic and there music involves many soungs about murder, child abuse and rape but it also shows that Berts links go deeper than we think, is it just Korn or was the whole Rock Metal craze sparked by Berts evil intentions to spread bad morals through music?'

Simon Hands

We have also have found out that Bert once lived in Bakersfield, California and knew Jonathan Davis (before Korn existed). Bert's bad attitude and phycotic outbursts had an influence on Jonathan and his first band was even named "Ernie" after the sick revenge stories Bert told him about his "joke of a best friend".
Jonathan and Bert became close and Bert encouraged him to continue with his hobbie of playing the guitar and even gave him some of his own poems so that Jonathan could turn them into songs.
When Bert moved on Jonathan said he'd never forget the role model Bert had been to him and would keep in contact.

One of the pictures clearly shows a Voodoo doll of Ernie that bert drew for Jonathan when he first started his band "Ernie" and Jonathan kept it and it was later adapted to make the album cover for Korn's "Issues".

The other is clearly of Korns latest album "Untouchables" and it show that Jonathan still either remembers or is in contact with Bert.