Bert is Evil ! - Bert, the Dutch 'royal' advisor

Bert offered Margarita his services and legal advice during the Dutch royal family feud.

A princess has caused a scandal in Holland by alleging that her Spanish-born aristocrat father had an illegitimate son by his Dominican housekeeper.
The disclosure is seen as an act of revenge by the princess on the fiercely- private Dutch royal family for her ostracisation after marrying a commoner.
Princess Margarita, 30, the eldest daughter of Queen Beatrix's sister, Princess Irene, claims she and her husband, the self-styled Baron Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn, have been sidelined since their marriage in France in September 2001 against her parents' wishes. Neither her father, Carelhugo de Bourbon Parme, nor the Queen attended the wedding.

This is a somewhat older picture of Bert with princess Maxima. It just came in sent to us by dutch royalty watcher Julian v. Mispelrode. We can only wonder what his advice to Maxima could be....