Manson to be released on his next parole hearing?

Category : Evidence part I, news Oct 30th, 2014

The early hours of August 9th, 1969... four Family members set out to do the Devil's business. Armed with guns and knives, Linda Kasabian (21), Tex Watson (23), Patricia Krenwinkel (21) and Susan Atkins (21) arrived at the Tate estate. Telephone wires were cut and the group climbed the fence, giving themselves access to the grounds.

In the minutes that followed, a bloodbath of apocalyptic proportions took place.A total of 7 gunshots, 103 stabwounds, 13 blows on the head and a mix of horrible screams and useless begging filled the air. "We were sent out to do a crime that the world would have to stand up and take notice. That's why we had to leave a message to the world. A sign of our faith in doing the right thing...". Using a towel soaked in Tate's blood, Susan Atkins wrote the word "PIG" on the frontdoor... But did she? Even in the trials that followed, Susan Atkins stood behind her earlier statements. But who was she protecting?

Statements and forensic evidence showed indeed that a 'towel' was used to write "PIG" on the door. But was this not in fact the fur of Bert's finger that was mistaken for a towel? This recently discovered photograph shows that Susan Atkins took the rap for Bert. On the photograph you can clearly see the blood on Bert's finger.

What about the man standing behind the door, identified as Charles 'Tex' Watson; is he waiting for new orders from Bert? If so, is Bert the evil mind behind all the murders committed by some members of the Charles Manson Family? Has Charlie Manson been used by the evil Bert? Charlie was not present at the time of the killings but someone had to give the orders....After all, pictures don't lie! This picture proves that Bert is the evil mind behind the Family. Is Charlie Manson not more than his puppet? Are these Bert's famous words instead of Charlie's ? "I do a lot of underworld things. I've been in the underworld all my live, since I was a child. You make a mistake and cross me, I'll get you. It's that simple. Sooner or later........."


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